AM11 Sample Reports

Accounts Receivable Multi-Currency Reports

The Multi-Currency Reports provide information on the various currencies used in transactions and the currency gains or losses arising from multi-currency transactions. Each of the Multi-Currency Reports is especially designed to provide several options so you can narrow down data to the specific information needed. Read the information below to get a closer look at each of the Multi-Currency Reports available in AccountMate.

Currency Code Listing

The Currency Code Listing provides information on each currency codes including its symbol description, current exchange rate, and the posting GL Account IDs for the foreign exchange gains/losses. The currency codes are set up using the Currency Code Maintenance function. This report can be used to determine the accuracy of the foreign exchange gain/loss GL Account IDs assigned to each currency code and to ensure up-to-date exchange rates.

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AR Currency Gain/Loss Report

The AR Currency Gain/Loss Report provides information on gains or losses resulting from fluctuations in currency exchange rates used upon creation of the invoice and upon payment. This report is useful for reconciling the AR Currency Gain/Loss GL Account ID balance and serves as a reference when evaluating the effects of exchange rate fluctuations on your business, particularly in collecting the accounts receivables.

You have the option to generate a consolidated report for the parent account and its designated subsidiaries. This option is applicable only when you are generating the report for an individual customer.

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AR Bank Multi-Currency Report

The AR Bank Multi-Currency Report provides information on multi-currency bank deposits made within a specific period. This report helps you asses the status of your multi-currency bank deposits and also serves as a useful reference when reconciling multi-currency bank deposits per records against the bank statements.

You can generate this report for verified deposits only, unverified deposits only or all bank deposits. You can further select to include only the deposits of customer payments made in the same currency as the bank currency, only the deposits of customer payments made in a currency that is different from the bank currency, or all deposits regardless of the currencies used.

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