AM11 Sample Reports

Accounts Receivable – Print Invoice

The Print Invoice function allows you to preview and print invoices, which show the specific inventory items billed to the customers. You send invoices to the customers to bill them for the goods sold or services rendered. The customers use this document as reference for payment.

This function allows you to print for an alignment test. You can select to include in the report only the unpaid invoices and the voided invoices. You can configure to display the phrase "Paid in Full" on fully paid invoices, to show the backordered line items from the same sales order number and/or the backorder amounts; and to display the items' serial numbers, lot numbers and/or kit numbers, if any. You also have the option to suppress the invoice labels’ background color.

You can limit the printing of invoices that are created only in the Accounts Receivable module, only in the Return Authorization module, or in both modules. You can choose to print sales invoices only, sales returns only, or both. You can further select to print the unprinted invoices, previously printed invoices, or all invoices.

You can print invoices either on a plain paper or pre-printed form. These settings are configured in the AR Module Setup -> Printing tab.

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