AM11 Sample Reports

Purchase Order – Bank Account Listing

The Bank Account Listing shows detailed information about the bank accounts including each bank account’s ID and description, account type, account number, bank routing number, GL Account IDs assigned to each bank, and currency used for the transactions using this bank account. The bank account records are set up using the Bank Account Maintenance function. This report is useful in reviewing the completeness of the bank account records set up in AccountMate and in verifying the accuracy of each bank account record’s GL Account ID distribution.

This report can be filtered to include only the checking accounts, only the savings accounts, or both. You can further filter the report to include the bank accounts that are available only in Accounts Payable, only in Payroll, only in Sales Order and Accounts Receivable, or all the bank accounts regardless of which module these are used. You can generate this report for active bank accounts only, inactive bank accounts only or all bank accounts. You can also opt to show the remarks specified in the bank account record -> Notepad tab.

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