AM11 Sample Reports

Purchase Order – Inventory Vendor Reports

The Inventory Vendor Reports provide information on the inventory prices offered by the vendors. By using these reports, you can compare prices and determine warranty periods in order to take advantage of the best vendor offer.

Each of the Inventory Vendor Reports is especially designed to provide several options so you can narrow down data to the specific information needed. Read the information below to get a closer look at each of the Inventory Vendor Reports available in AccountMate.

Best Price Report

The Best Price Report provides information on each inventory item prices that various vendors offer. The report lists the vendors who supply each item; the vendor part number, description, and unit of measurement assigned to the item; the lead time; the last purchase cost and date; and the unit prices in both the vendors’ currency and your company’s home currency. This report is useful for determining which vendor offers the best price for an item. You can also use it as a reference for calculating the projected purchase costs of inventory items.

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Vendor Price Listing

The Vendor Price Listing provides information on specific inventory items each vendor can supply and the price the vendor charges for each item. The report lists the items each vendor supplies and the items prices in the vendor’s currency. This report is useful for reviewing the completeness of the recorded vendor-inventory item information and as a reference for determining the inventory items supplied by a particular vendor.

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